Frequently Asked Questions

How to get my invoice ?
Once logged with your name and password, on "Registration" page, under "Payment-Invoice" option, just click on the icon "Get your invoice".

Where can I find my registration number?
Once logged with your name and password, on "Registration" page, under "Payment" option, check "Your Reference", SOUR-XXX-Lastname. XXX is your registration number.

For our posters, is there a specific time which we present our posters and see the judges, or should we be near our posters during all the viewings on breaks between speeches?
All the posters will be installed during the three days of the symposium. The posters can be placed on Wednesday morning, and they are available for conference delegates during lunches and coffee breaks.

I have sent my full paper yesterday, however I would like to give a proof reading of it. Is it possible to withdraw that version and send the corrected one later?
No problem ! You may reload revised versions of your file exactly through the same way as you did for the first version. However, in case of re-loading, only the last version will be kept.

I have already paid my invoice by international bank transfer, but my payment status on the website is still "not yet recorded". I would like to know if my payment has been successfully processed.
Payment by bank transfer from one country to another may be a quite long procedure.
Once the money has been transfered to our bank, your payment still has to be processed through the accounting services from Oniris.
The complete procedure may take more than one week. Please be patient !
Thank you for your understanding.

I would like to get an invitation letter.
First step is to pre-register. Please fill the registration form and submit it. Once registered, please read the section 'Invitation letter' and if needed, request an invitation letter. Your request will be transmitted to the local organizer, and the invitation letter sent to you in the following days.

I am unable to log-in.
If you can not log-in, you probably entered a wrong username or password. Try again or ...
You may ask for a new password on the "Registration" page, "Login" option. If you ask for, you will get a new password in a very short time in your mailbox. Once re-logged, you may replace the received by a password of your choice.

I would like to know about International bank transfer informations for payment.
Once logged-in, you get all the information for payment on the "Payment-Invoice" option of the "Registration" page.

How to submit a full paper ?
Before to submit, be sure that your browser does support JavaScript: a JavaScript-enabled browser is required.

  1. Fill and submit the REGISTRATION form: see "Registration" option on the menu bar,
  2. or Login with your lastname and password,
  3. choose 'New contribution' option,
  4. fill the form,
  5. and choose and load your file.

Do I have to pay before sending the abstract?
No, you do not have to pay before to send your abstract; however, as soon as you are registered, you have access to the "Abstract" option and get able to submit your presentation title, authors and keywords and load your abstract.

How can I do to send the abstract and then pay?
As soon as you are registered, while logged in, you get access to the "Contribution" and "Payment" options.

I would like to ask you about full paper publication. Will you publish all full papers of all participants in proceeding (CD) or only selected papers in "International Journal of Food Microbiology" ?
As for previous symposia, oral and posters abstracts presented at this symposium by participants who paid their registration fees before the deadline august 31, 2015, will be published in the Sourdough Symposium Proceedings.
The key notes presentation and a few oral communications selected by the Scientific Committee will be submitted for publication in a Special Issue of International Journal of Food Microbiology - Elsevier.

I would ask about the criteria for selection papers for published in a special issue of International Journal of Food Microbiology. Will you publish all papers of participants or only papers of invited speakers?
The papers presented at the conference will be selected by the scientific committee and the most relevant ones will be published in the special issue of the "International Journal of Food Microbiology" (Elsevier). The selected papers will go through a peer review process. This does not concern only the invited lectures.