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VIth Sourdough and Cereal Fermentation Symposium

"Understanding natural complexity"

Cité Internationale des Congrès - Nantes, France

September 30 - October 2, 2015


The VIth Sourdough and Cereal Fermentation Symposium will be held in Nantes, France from September 30 to October 2, 2015. The venue of the symposium is the Cité des Congrès located in the city center. Nantes is easy to reach by TGV or through its international airport. As was the case at the previous Sourdough Symposium we want to provide a venue for colleagues from universities, research institutes and companies interested in sourdough technology and functionalities, and more generally in cereal fermentations, to discuss and present the latest research topics and development in this field. In particular, we want to encourage young researchers and PhD students to exchange and discuss their novel results, stimulate new ideas and seek out international collaborations.

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Sourdough and cereal fermentation have accompanied human history and still represent an important food resource in many parts of the world. Yet this ancient and worldwide technology is still a challenge for scientists to understand the natural complexity of sourdough fermentation and to enhance the value of associated functionalities. Those subjects are of interest to artisanal and industrial baked products, and cereal beverages. Moreover consumers demand tasty, nutritive and clean label products, sourdough model may bring solutions. Sourdough is also a reservoir of yeast and lactic acid bacteria strains and may contribute to the maintenance of the global biodiversity.
The 2015 symposium in Nantes follows a successful series of international sourdough symposia held in Verona, Bari, Brussels, Freising and Helsinki. The aim is to share the latest scientific progress in the interplay of fermentation microbes and the cereal raw material, ranging from microbiological, biochemical, and molecular aspects to technological, nutritional and sensorial properties of the products.

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